“Mommies Mean Business” Monday: Nicole Demick

by guest author Nicole Demick

Nicole MMB Photo

Nicole Demick Photography – Capturing Life’s Moments

Wow, it’s difficult trying to write about myself and my business. To start, my name is Nicole, and I am a full time mother, full time speech language pathologist at a skilled nursing facility, and I run a business on the side, Nicole Demick Photography. I also have an obsession with Robert Downey Jr, shamelessly am a Harry Potter freak, and am addicted to chocolate.

It all started with me getting frustrated with trying to find a photographer to do my newborn daughter’s pictures. I just couldn’t see paying someone $500 after paying the hospital $4000 for the birth. I eventually found someone reasonable, however she was 45 minutes away, and after our newborn sessions, rates went up to $400 a session.

Frustrated, I paid for her first birthday pictures with a different photographer and was disappointed in what I received, so realizing I had spent as much on my dear daughter’s first year pictures (from newborn to 1) as a camera would have cost me (hindsight is 20/20), I went out and got a new camera.

It started off with a lot of frustration on how to work this camera with lots of buttons and modes, so I went to a couple of workshops, learned how to put my camera in manual mode, and a new passion (other than working with stroke patients) was born. A couple of friends asked for me to take their pictures, then by word of mouth my business, Nicole Demick Photography was born.

I offer maternity, newborn, family, child, couple, lifestyle, engagement, and wedding session. I fell into wedding photography, long drawn out story and probably a whole other blog session on its own, but I

Please check out www.facebook.com/nicoledemickphotography and like my page.

I also have a blog, www.nicoledemickphotography.wordpress.com, I am currently catching up on sessions, and working on the blog.

I am just an average working mother, running a business and working a full time job. My biggest challenge in life is trying to get my toddler to sleep in her own bed, but by my own admission, I don’t try that hard. I juggle as well as I think I can juggle, and just try to live life to the fullest.

Thanks for reading a little blurb about me and my life!

*Any opinions expressed within this blog post are those of the author. For the most up to date information, prices, offers and more regarding this Mommy’s business and/or products, please contact the featured mommy directly. Supportive comments are also welcome!!!  Thank you for reading and sharing.

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