YoDish Gets Ears, Say Cheers!

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If you are gluten and dairy free, your next trip to Walt Disney World just got a lot easier.  Sarah Norris of Gluten Free and Dairy Free at WDW, has contributed over 200 gluten and dairy free dish reviews to YoDish.  Check out the official news release from YoDish and even more info on the Gluten Free Dairy Free at WDW blog.

Sarah is an expert on dining with restrictions, especially at Disney.  Her blog is full of useful information on dining at Disney and we are thrilled to offer quick access to her reviews on the go, via YoDish.  Gluten Free Dairy Free at WDW is a valuable resource to anyone who will be dining at Disney with gluten and dairy allergies, as well as other restrictions which she sometimes is able to address in restaurant reviews on her blog.

YoDish is all about community.  Dining out with a restricted diet can be isolating and difficult, even dangerous.  There is so much leg work to be done in order to visit a restaurant for the first time with a restriction.  Collaborations, such as these, go a long way to eliminate some of the leg work, eliminate unwelcome surprises, and to make any dining experience more successful and enjoyable.  By seeing exactly what a modified dish might look like and reading a brief description of a meal, such as you will see in Sarah Norris’s reviews, the doors are opened for a better dining experience.  When you open the app, it will show you reviews that fit your dining profile based on proximity to where you are.  Here are a few of the GF/DF at WDW dish reviews that you will find on YoDish.

House Fries Pollo al Pastor Fantasy Roll Beignets

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